• Diagcode - Car Audio ERC calculator

Diagcode - Car Audio ERC calculator

Radio PIN code calculation from serial number.

Supported models: Toyota, Renault, Dacia.


After you buy the device, you will have access to the database and you can start generate PIN CODES right away.

No tokens required.


One time purchase without monthly taxes or any additional payments required.

Buy once - use for lifetime

The main difference between this and any other device on the market.

Fully functional without any additional payments required.

The only limitation you have is 5 Pin Codes per day. 

Our Server and Database

We have ownership of the database and server which allow us to guarantee lifetime use for this device.

Active support

As always we are here to help with information and advices. Feel free to contact us by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Social media and Email.

€ 120.00
€ 120.00